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Brovi+ Ripe Wheat

Brovi+ Ripe Wheat

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BROVI+ Ripe Wheat has a warmer base than regular Ripe Wheat.

A warm blond pigment, designed for treatment of Fitzptrick phototypes I (Celtic) and II (Nordic). Recommended for clients with warm or neutral hair color. The pigment particles are finely dispersed. The ink is extremely liquid and requires dilution with a special diluent only to adjust the colorant concentration.


Used for: Eyebrows
Color: Warm, Light Blonde
Temperature: Warm
Base: Orange
Retention: 80-90%
Suitable: Blondes with neutral / warm skin tone
Fitzpatrick: 1, 2
Application Method: It can be implanted with more intensity: fine particles and warm base will prevent deep sinking of pigment. It can be mixed with Gray Harbor for a beautiful neutral brown tone.Diluter Required: Yes
Reaction to Laser: Pigment particles are easily fragmented and quickly removed from the skin
Reaction to Remover: Good without side effects
Volume: 10ml
Ingredients: Aqua, Hamamelis CI 21160, CI 56110, CI 77266, CI 21095


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Brovi+ is by far one of the best pigments I’ve ever used. Healed results are amazing!