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Perma Blend LUXE Pucker Up Buttercup Lip Set

Perma Blend LUXE Pucker Up Buttercup Lip Set

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Perma Blend LUXE Pucker Up Buttercup Lip Set

        Every permanent makeup artist needs a foundational set. Loaded with popular colors to fit any client, we’ve designed this reliable set of pigments from light to dark and cool to warm, ideal for artists of all skill levels.

        No more fretting about choosing the perfect pigment, combine and blend these colors to your heart’s content. Comes with its own modifier, Orange Peel, to warmth to any pigment.  

        BONUS CONTENT: Each set comes with a FREE education course valued at $99 to help you become an expert on the colors in your set. Bring your client’s vision to life using our vegan inks that just don’t stop. 

        Vegan-Friendly Permanent Makeup, with No Animal Testing. EU REACH Compliant.  

        This set includes 8 (1/2oz) bottles of the following colors: 

        • LUXE Cotton Candy - v2 
        • LUXE Cherry Red 
        • LUXE Henna 
        • LUXE Pink Gala 
        • LUXE Saffron - v2 
        • LUXE Vintage Maroon  
        • LUXE Victorian Rose - v2 
        • LUXE Orange Peel

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