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20% OFF - Vertix Nano Cartridges (Box of 20)

20% OFF - Vertix Nano Cartridges (Box of 20)

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Trusted by PMU artists all around the world, Vertix Nano Cartridges are designed for the most demanding artist! 


  • Transparent needle tips show ink flow
  • Elongated needle tip profile enhances field of view
  • Needle tips are detachable for small adjustments
  • Shell design features two side vents; minimizes risk of spraying and ink redirecting
  • Low tension diaphragm reduces motor stress and prevents backflow of ink
  • EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized
  • Disposable; for single use only
  • Officially licensed and CE-certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Box of 20

Compatible with machines which take universal fitted cartridges including: MAST TOUR PEN, Brow Daddy Cleo, Cheyenne Hawk, FK irons, etc.

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